Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Just Want To Be A Real Boy...

I stopped by the library this evening to return some books. The kids and I hung out in the children's area for a while reading and playing puzzles. The librarian (who is about 110) came over to me and said to me "You have such beautiful daughters." I thanked her for her compliment and told her that I have one daughter and one son. She looked at me totally confused and her gaze slowly turned back towards JoJo. Then it beame clear to her and she said "Ah yes, a beautiful daughter and a beautiful son!". I can't imagine why people keep mistaking him for a girl?Not to mention- he is totally obsessed with picking his nose. Granted- I enjoy the occasional dig for treasure, but he has turned it into an olympic sport!
And just for Tim- here is a picture of my pooch Capone. He went to the Doggy Spa today to get pretty. Tim (our intern from Germany) doesn't understand why Americans are so nice to there pets. If you ask me, I don't quite understand why we're so nice to our German intern!


Hey Jude said...

dude his hair is so long. Business in the front and party in back baby!

Allison said...

Capone does not look happy in that pic but he certainly looks so darn cute.

And Jojo. Let me tell you. That pic with his finger in his nose is to die for. lol. Gotta love the boys.

Allie is soo adorable too. And why do you let that child on a motor bike thingy. Man, is she brave.