Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today was a long day. A long hot day! We hit the ground runnin- eggs for breakfast, errands to run and two- that's right, Two- parties to go too. Not a surprise that the parties were on the complete opposite sides of the planet.

The first event was my nephews 6th birthday party which happened to fall on my oldest brothers birthday. He's 38. This is what 38 looks like.

Yeah- that's hot!

Naturally, the conversation centered around what it always does when in the presence of myself and my siblings- full coverage underpants, peeing in the shower, sweat in all cracks and crevices and the fact that my brother Schmick can still please his wife Schmeth (I have changed their names to protect their privacy!). I know- 6 year old birthday conversation you say?- whatever, they were way over on the other side of the yard!

Oh- best part of the day- JoJo got laid- alot!!

Our second event of the day was a little different then a 6 year old birthday, but no less entertaining. We had a BBQ with a bunch of German's- which would normally sound a bit bizarre, but if you worked in my office it would make perfect sense.

This party also had some aquatic entertainment that I was only sorry I couldn't partake in. As out of touch as I might appear to be- I am still very much aware of my size and shape and what it would look like in wet underpants, flying down a rubber slide at mock 10.

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