Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bring It...

I may be a bit competitive. Border line psycho. But I hate to lose- and I hate being on a team with loser even more. Today was our RA department picnic- complete with games. Yes!!! 7 events and the winning team gets $10 gift cards to Wawa. I don't care if it's a $10 gift card or a pot of gold- I'm fierce either way. Lucky for my team- we won. However, the other team was tough- it came down to the last event.I've been having trouble posting photos so check back soon and I'll post more photos as soon as possible.

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The Van Ryn's said...

I'm hurt that you failed to mention WHY the Blue Angels won the 2008 Office Olymics! It was my 3-run home-run in Kick Ball that won the game. My skill and expertise in the Tug-o-War created a lopsided victory-twice! Then, it was my blinding speed in the relay race that sealed the deal. Despite having defective balloons in the one event, and having nearly lost the frozen wife-beater T-shirt contest, it was my MAD physical skills that won it for us.
(Not that I like to gloat or anything!).