Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's All Lies...

Today I had a doctors appointment. After many discussions with Sean, we decided (which really means I decided) to have the Mirena implant. It's an implantable birth control device which is good for 5 years. No more pills everyday- which is a good thing since I always managed to drop a few every month down the sink.

In preperation for this appointment I was told to take 3 Motrin on my way to the office because I may experience some mild discomfort. And if by mild discomfort they meant it was going to feel like they were scouring my uterus with a wire brush- then I guess 3 Motrin would be perfectly acceptable. I should have known better. Mild discomfort is like having a freakin hang nail. What I experienced was like yanking my insides out with a coat hanger!

As traumatic as it was- the procedure only took 10 minutes. The doctor then told me again that I might experience some mild discomfort for a few hours. Hell- I spent the remainder of the day actually feeling like I was in labor.

In the end- it's good for 5 years! It's worth the one day of "mild discomfort".

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