Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Longest Day Ever...

Today was an absolute whirl-wind. Jam packed!

The day started off with church. Like every Sunday. Except this Sunday we had to come home before the service even started. Jojo decided to completely soak himself at the water fountain. I'm not talking a little wet on his shirt. It was sopping wet- as were his shorts- and his socks- and his sneakers. So we headed home to put him in the dryer and then we were off again to a birthday party.

I've always loved firetrucks- mostly because there's hot guys sitting on them- but I always love to see a firetruck whiz by with the siren blaring and the flag waving off the bag. So I was more excited then the kids today because the birthday party was at the Good Will Fire House.

It was so cool. The kids were able to climb all over the trucks, ring the bells, we took a tour of the firehouse. Complete with a ride around town on the truck and spraying the fire hoses.

I was then off to a baby shower for my friend Alecia who is having a little boy in October. That's the thing about baby showers- you see all the new items for baby- the little socks and little outfits and all the gear- and it makes me sad that my kids aren't babies anymore. But then I remember what a pain in the ass it was to cart all of the crap around! Not to mention that Alecia is probably the tiniest pregnant person in the world. Makes me want to punch her in the neck!

Then it was off to play with our little cousins Aidan and Connor. A little peach pickin' to finish off the day! No worries- they were peach picking in the back yard. Although- I don't see an issue with taking kids out in only a diaper!

And this is what happened next!

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Allison said...

They look like little angels.