Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Know...I Suck

I've been on hiatus. Although I spent some time in Florida by myself, I certainly wasn't there this long. I've been totally lazy!

I'll update everyone on my trip to Florida in my next post. It has come to my attention that some of my family members are a bit "sensitive" and cringe at the thought of me blogging about them. But then I say- if they weren't so freakin' nuts I'd have nothin to write about! My mom seems to be the most worried so I'll spare her and just say she is absolutely lovely!

Today my co-workers and I had to say goodbye to our German intern Tim. He has spent the last 7 months with us and I'd be totally lying if I said I made it easy for him. I (and the rest of my team) totally abused him and gave him all the crappy jobs that none of us "Regulatory Professionals" wanted to do. He was a good sport and I (most of all) will be sad to see him go.

Although I would never admit this in public (pst.. I know he's reading this!) I'm really going to miss him. His weird hair and skinny jeans most of all. But he was a really good sport and the best part was that he laughed at all my jokes!

Now I'm going to have to fill my own water bottle, get my own spoons and pick up my own shit off the floor. Dammit!!!

There is nothing funnier then listening to a German use American slang such as "That's how I roll" and "Chill- Lax" and my personal favorite "Bee- atch"! It's like teaching a kid dirty words and then laughing when he uses them!


Julie & Justin said...

Tim sounds pretty funny.
Just to let you know, I'm fair game. I rather you talk smack about me on your blog where I can read it rather than have you talk about me behind my back. Besides, your not the only one who can start a blog. Hee Hee

Allison said...

You do suck. I've been getting on here like every friggin' day to see if you've written. Of course I gave up on you so naturally yesterday was the first time I didn't check on your blogging.

I guess I suck too. I was supposed to call you the Monday you returned to PA but I didn't. I guess we're even.

I hope you're still staying with Paul and I. There will be a bunch of blogs for you then. Paul + me = a funny blog.

Allison said...

Oh, I guess I should write a comment about your blog. My bad.

Tim sounds like the go for guy. Maybe he's happy about leaving. Maybe you should have taught him to say "Your feet aren't broken." That would be funny if he said that to you. haha.

Which one is Tim in that picture by the way?

Hey Jude said...

thanks for commenting. We miss ya

Anonymous said...

Ok, what's that part about the weird hair? You're just jealous because it's longer than yours, dammit :)
I'll miss you too, and I'll have to look for other people to make fun of me now...Germany suuucks baaaalls :D

The Van Ryn's said...

Wow Tim! Does somebody need a hug?