Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dinner And A Movie....

Sean and I you might think- but no- Allie had a date. Allie was invited over for dinner by her good (boy) friend Nolan. They have known each other since they were infants in daycare. Allie told me just the other day that she wanted to marry him. Not that I think she has any idea of what that actually intales! If one day they do marry- they'll be quite happy. They're always kissing and hugging on eachother.
On anothr note- our central air has been out for two days now. I literally thinking I am melting alive. I don't know when I became so dependent on central air. When I grew up we didn't even have an air conditioner and I managed to survive. I can remember many a summer night laying so still in bed so I didn't break a sweat. My husband on the other hand has always had an air conditioner or central air. As soon as the outside temp hits 65 he cranks the air on. So it is no surprise that after all this time I have become addicted to nice cool air. We keep our house like a meat locker!

As I write there is a HVAC specialist here taking a look at the system. Hopefully it's not something major and we can be back up and running shortly. Here's to hoping!


Hey Jude said...

that sucks about the your central air not working. Lol, we trying to say warm. It gets really cold at night.

Julie & Justin said...

Absolutely freakin' adorable :)