Friday, August 15, 2008

A Superhero Of Sorts...

My kids are wacky. I guess they're no more wacky then other kids, but some days they do the most bizarre things. This has been a slow week and I haven't had much to blog about. Next week Allie starts soccer practice so I'm sure that will give me something to chat about.

So- Jojo is starting to really become a little boy. It must be the haircut. He's really into jumping off of the coffee table and just being plain distructive. His speech therapy is doing wonders because his vocabulary is expanding everyday. Currently, Jojo is really into Choo-per Hero's (that's how he says it!). And doesn't every good Choo-per Hero need a costume? This is what Jojo chose.
Umm yeah, that's a ladies head band!

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Allison said...

Good Lord. He doesn't even look like Joey. I wouldn't have even have known that was Joey if you hadn't had put his name in there. Where's the little blonde boy with the curls from my wedding? He's growing up too fast.