Friday, March 6, 2009

I Know Why Parents Shake Their Kids...

It's the end of a really long week and I'm about at my wits end. My kids do not listen. No- for real- THEY DO NOT LISTEN!!!! Furthermore, I am so tired of hearing "Well, I'm just gonna.....".

I tell Allie not to cut up the mail and she answers me with "Well, I'm just gonna...."
I tell JoJo not to put his cars in the toilet and he answers me with " I'm just gonna...."
I tell Allie to stop putting stickers on the front door and she tells me "Well, I'm just gonna..."
I tell JoJo to stop wiping his boogers on my TV and he tells me "Well, I'm just gonna...."

Not to mention, that Allie decided that she didn't want to have to take her medicine anymore so she threw it in the trash. The entire bottle of a brand new prescription. I had to fish around in the trash bag this morning with last nights leftovers and something else I couldn't identfy.

So I told them both that "I'm just gonna" drop them off at the nearest bus stop and hope someone else wants to kids that don't listen.


Kate said...

What bus stop? I'll pick them up and then drop them back at your house on Monday in time for the work week! I don't know who I'm kidding - John and G are downstairs and I'm hiding upstairs reading your blog ;-)

Christina said...

My parents always told us to go and play in traffic maybe that would work.