Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Really Have No Excuse...

Ok- I know what you're going to say and you can just save it. I really have no excuse for not posting for a couple of weeks (ha ha couple of months). I'm just totally lazy- that's all. Shut up- don't judge me.

ANYWAY- here's a couple update photos. Allie started her dance class this past weekend. I can say without a doubt- she was the cutest child in the entire class. And you know- it is really all about the outfit!

Jojo is still a complete nut. He spends the majority of his time destroying everything he touches. That's why we can't have anything nice! (I know my mom has said that one a thousand times!)
And here's a couple of pictures from the "Blizzard" we had yesterday.


Julie & Justin said...

Totally freakin cute! I love the pigtails. Lets hope she has a bit more grace than her mother :)

Christina said...

Awww Mer I am so proud of you, posting a blog. haha j/k. The kids look so cute!