Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I totally have a new stalker.

We moved offices two weeks ago and now we reside in the big building. This creepy guy, who I will now refer to as "Creeper", has been following me around. I guess that's flattering if you're into the whole lumberjack look and all.

He's always asking me creepy stalker questions like "Hi. How are you?" and "Do you know what time it is" Geez! Get off my back already!! I'm married!!!!!

I'm not used to new creepy people yet- I've barely gotten used to the regular creepy people that I work with every day!

If I don't write again for another few months it's because I've been chopped up into little bits and I was served as the lunch special in the cafeteria!!


Julie & Justin said...

Well I'll bet everyone will think you're tasty!

Anonymous said...

You moved? How come I never hear from you guys over there?
And that stalking thing is creepy...but you already mentioned that...