Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ahhh...Who Peed In The River?

Ok.. so Allie and her friend Olivia were scolded this week for peeing in the pool. They were told that it is not ok to pee anywhere except on the potty. And then..... we tell them to pee in the river. A little confusing? Maybe. I'll pay for that later in therapy.

We went on an organized nature walk this evening. It was great... except for all of the nature. Bugs and little slimey things in abundance.

When most people see they have a bug on them they simply brush it off. And then there are some people who completely shreak three octives higher then their normal tone, flail their arms around like a complete reject and jump into the river like they were chased by a swarm of angry hornets. Yep- I'm that flailing freak. But I'm pretty used to making a complete ass of myself. I can totally appreciate nature and the wonders of the world- as long as they don't touch me. I wasn't totally thrilled about the water in my shoes either, but Allie didn't seem to mind.

So- aside from the nature- it was a nice nature walk!

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